About SurgeryLink

Who We Are

Surgery Link is a unique solution that is disrupting the healthcare software market regarding the surgery scheduling process, making it more efficient for all stakeholders, increasing efficiencies, and streamlining how surgeries are scheduled. Because we believe in “rolling up our sleeves” to work side-by-side with you we ensure that the product is fully-customized not only to meet but exceed your specific needs. Our team has a combined 100+ years of healthcare experience.

Our mission is to provide you with the tools necessary to have a comprehensive communication and collaboration tool that reduces or eliminates errors and oversights, while improving efficiencies.

Our unique Surgery Link software increases surgery volumes, reduces delays and cancellations, increases patient satisfaction, team accountability and supply and inventory management. Because patients are fully-informed at the appropriate times, there is less confusion and stress prior to procedures.

Our integration team is very attentive to your needs and will work diligently with you to integrate Surgery Link into your existing infrastructure.

Disrupting the Industry Standard

Imagine real-time notifications of surgery events among departments, between practices and hospitals, for necessary equipment from suppliers to insurance approvals, while informing the patient of their requirements each step of the way and the progress of their surgical procedure path. With Surgery Link you no longer have to imagine! Our HIPAA-compliant software allows you to access all information about any surgery from one central, secured location and communicate it to all stakeholders.

The Future is Now

Whether you decide to use SurgeryLink as a free-standing platform or fully-integrated with your current EMR or EHR systems, our customized solution aligns seamlessly with your needs.

We leverage emerging technologies and partners to increase integration and improve the user experience while driving efficiencies and raising ASC/Practice/Hospital revenues and growth.

Your success is our success!