About SurgeryLink

Who We Are

We are an entrepreneurial team whose innovative culture believes in rolling up our sleeves and working side by side with our customers to deliver industry changing solutions that make your job more efficient.

We are on a mission to give the surgical community the simplest way possible to collaborate and communicate across to all surgery stakeholders.  

As avid users and lovers of technology, a common thread that binds the SurgeryLink team; we believe surgery coordination is ripe for disruption and we have the answer!


The New Industry Standard

Demands interoperability and seamlessness across ALL groups, departments, technology and processes.  SurgeryLink is your AHA! moment.  Imagine being able to stream real-time surgery changes from department to department; practice to hospital to vendor to insurance and more.   Information is accessible from any location secured.

Looking Forward

Raising awareness & educating the industry about the benefits of either adding SurgeryLink to their current EHR System or as a free standing platform, ensures our solutions remain closely aligned with customer’s needs.

We leverage emerging technologies and partners to increase integration and improve user experience while driving efficiencies and ASC/PRACTICE/Hospital revenue and growth.

Our customers’ success is our success!