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Integrating Technology through Open Architecture: Painful or Painless?

Getting ready for summer deployment? Are you trying to figure out how to integrate, navigate, connect, and operate all your different technologies through OPEN Architecture?  Your challenge:  How do I navigate all the different technologies to coordinate patient surgeries, ensure quality patient data, respond to provider needs, ensure medical device equipment is on time and available, support surgical team preferences and get high  patient satisfaction ratings?  The shift to easily connect to optimize interoperable technology under 1 control center is here!  How connected are you in your process?  We can show you how we are making these connections easy all under 1 platform. Contact us for a live demo today!

Doctor & Patient Satisfaction Go Hand in Hand

If your doctors are frustrated and are leaving your organization, you need to take a hard 360 degree look at why! Feedback from surveys and conversations with Becker, indicate that while newer systems (EMR/EHR) have helped drive more efficiencies; there are still many areas that are keeping Hospital CEOs up at night. Doctors report that there are more administrative demands now than there were ever before and they need simple, easy to use COORDINATED systems that talk to each other.

Where are YOUR patients coming from?

Which doctors are supplying you with great referrals? How are you tracking that process? Which doctors/health segments have you lost market share with? Are you rewarding those doctors that are providing you with the most patients? Are you performing root cause analysis to determine why this is happening? SurgeryLink users have these answers. Do you?

What is your best surgery mix for profitability?

Do you really know which surgeries are truly bringing you better margins? Are you analyzing capacity and utilization by type of surgery? by physician? by practice? by turnaround time? We can manage your surgery mix to increase your profitability by providing visibility and forecasting forward to optimize utilization. Imagine being able to immediately make changes today that can affect your business tomorrow.