Relationships are vital to your business. SurgeryLink helps you strengthen them.

Staying informed and communicating with your customers just got a lot easier.
Built with you in mind, SurgeryLink is the most reliable way to receive requests and surgery updates.

SurgeryLink for Suppliers is ideal for:


surgical assistant

Neuromonitoring Technicians


Simplified Surgery Coordination

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SurgeryLink makes your life easier. We’ll keep your surgeries organized and make sure you have all the information you need, when you need it.

Receive & Respond

Take the guesswork out of the coordination process. SurgeryLink is the fastest and most reliable way to receive and respond to product or service requests.

Connect & Communicate

Use SurgeryLink on any computer, smartphone, or tablet, and stay connected to your customers from anywhere. Be informed of time changes and cancellations as they occur.

How SurgeryLink helps you

One tool does the job of six

Standard coordination tools are error-prone and a drag on efficiency. Upgrade to SurgeryLink, the only HIPAA-secure communication solution built specifically for surgery coordination.

Simple for sender
Simple for recipient
Syncs with surgery calendar
Search by patient
Send and receive files
EMR Integration
Automated team member notifications
Built for surgery coordination


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